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Explore different types of emergency dental services in our clinic. Providing immediate treatment and preventive care for your oral concern.

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Emergency Dental Chicago opens 24/7 for your oral problems.

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Our clinic is trusted when it comes to dental services and treatment.

Dental Emergency & Traditional Dental Clinic

Dental emergency provides immediate treatment for your dental concern. They are most likely to operate 24/7 to make sure that everyone is receiving the proper care as soon as they schedule an appointment.

Emergency and traditional dental clinics are almost the same, they offer the same services you’ll receive from traditional to emergency clinics.

If you’re looking for a clinic that will accommodate you on short notice you can book an appointment through an emergency dental clinic like us. But if you’re willing to wait for a regular clinic to open, you can work with a traditional clinic.

Both dental clinics are committed to serving their patient’s care and treatment. You can opt to choose which services will give you comfortability on your oral problem. We believed that your well-being is much more important.

Considering Emergency Dental Chicago? Book your appointment with us and let us help you ease your discomfort.

Our Services

Extending our services on what our community needs. Emergency Dental Chicago offers a large range of dental services to our patients. Our dentists are committed to treating our patients with respect and aiming to provide the best assistance they deserve. And that includes assisting with a professional and skilled dentist and a comfortable environment for new and old patients.

    Visual & Dental Check-Ups

    Initial examination and visual check-ups are done to spot the early sign of tooth decay and dental problems. Normally, an X-ray is conducted during the examination to make sure every surface is checked.

    General Dentistry & Oral Surgery

    A complete procedure for your oral care. Our dentist does initial checkups, diagnostic, treatment, and as well as preventive care for your oral problems.

    Pediatric Dental Care

    Preventive oral care for your little ones. Register your children to our clinic from the moment they start teething up to their teen years.

    All Services

Who Should You Visit For Your Dental Emergency?

There is nothing wrong to go to the emergency room when you’re suffering from a dental problem. A doctor or physician may prescribe you some pain killers or antibiotics to ease the pain.

While they can administer an oral pain medication in your situation, they cannot tell you what is causing the problem, instead, your doctor may advise you to see a dentist for your oral treatment.

Aside from the treatment, you can receive from your dentist you can save a lot of time and money if you visit us first instead of going to ER.

We can spot the source of the problem in one sitting and can give you the possible treatment right away. 

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Toothaches & Dental Fractures

Toothaches refer to the pain involving the mouth, this is usually the result of tooth decay or cavities or sometimes early signs of gum diseases. There are many circumstances why toothaches occur, as we mentioned cavity is a permanently damaged area around the teeth.

While dental fracture is a small crack in your tooth enamel. Crack is sometimes difficult to spot because some cracks may be small and cannot be seen by the naked eye or even an x-ray cannot detect them. Dental fractures are linked to toothaches, having a crack on your tooth you might experience a toothache.

It is not easy to identify whether your toothache is caused by a cavity or dental fracture. As long as you have tooth pain, it is an indication of a problem in your mouth.

As your dentist, it is best to advise you to book an appointment to determine the source of the problem. So the possible treatment will be done and to prevent you from suffering from a dental problem.

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Symptoms & Causes Of Toothaches

When you have toothaches you're most likely to experience:

• A continuous pain in your mouth especially when you have the chewing and applying pressure.

• Inflammation around the infected area.

• Fever or headaches.

• Lymph nodes in the neck or at the back of your ear.

• Foul tasting on the infected tooth and bad breath.

Different causes of Toothaches:

• Tooth decay.

• Pressure brought by teeth grinding.

• Chewing or biting hard food or object.

• Accidents; sports, vehicle, fall, and fistfight.

• Sudden changes of temperature in your mouth.

• Wear and tear caused as people aged.

Emergency Dental Terminology

Dental Abscess

Is a pocket of pus caused by a bacterial infection and can spread from the root tips or around the root.

Tooth Avulsion

A medical emergency that required immediate treatment. Normally causes by dental trauma.


Known as wisdom tooth infection, it is inflammation and infection of the gum tissues that usually occur around the wisdom tooth.

Impacted Tooth

The third molar at the back of the mouth. Generally, wisdom tooth becomes impacted when there is no space to develop.

Lateral Luxation

Dental terminology refers to tooth displacement.

Irreversible Pulpitis

An inflammation that cannot be saved even the source of the problem is removed.

Facial Cellulitis

A bacterial infection that occurs at the tip of the tooth root. Considered as a dental emergency, if left untreated, a more serious problem may occur such as face swelling.

Reversible Pulpitis

Inflammation should be resolved once the source of the problem removed. Best describes as defective restoration.

What Our Clients Says

“As a yoga instructor my job required talking to every client and I need to have amazing teeth to look more professional. And I’m glad that this dental clinic helps me achieved this smiles”

Brianna Flair

Yoga Instructor, Namaste

“Being a model means you are required to have to be perfect and that means even your teeth need to be white and perfect. I always go to my favorite dental clinic Emergency Dental Chicago to maintain my perfect set of teeth.”

Jane Daigo

Model, GrooveModels

What's Your Dental Emergency?

It is easy to treat the oral problem as soon as you consult us. Don’t let yourself suffer the most. Contact our clinic as soon as you experience discomfort in your mouth.

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